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Exercise improves cell function

Want to know a great way to improve how your body functions, at the cellular level? The answer is easy, because you've heard it before: pursue an exercise program the combines both high intensity interval training as well as strength training.

Researchers, whose study was published in Cell Metabolism, divided study participants into two groups. The first group was comprised of men ages 18-30, and the second group was comprised of men ages 65-80.  The participants followed an interval cardiorespiratory protocol only, a strength training regimen only, or a program that combined both cardio and strength training activities.

After 12 weeks, studies revealed that cellular function improved for all of the exercisers. Insulin sensitivity improved, muscle mass improved and the mitochondria showed an increased ability to generate energy. However, the most significant improvements were among those who followed the program that combined both strength training and cardio activities. Among th…

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